Surgical department

Τhe surgical department of “GENESIS ATHENS” is staffed by leading specialized surgeons, featuring state-of-the-art equipment and advanced tools for the efficient and safe performance of classic surgical techniques, from the most painless to the most complicated ones.

Therefore, some of the general surgery operations performed at “GENESIS ATHENS” include gastric ulcers, appendectomies, inguinal hernias, umbilical hernias and other types of hernias, breast oncology, skin and subcutaneous diseases, haemorrhoids and other rectal diseases, and removal of varicose veins from the legs. Our surgical department could not operate without the assistance of our highly experienced nursing staff and the perfectly organized Anaesthesiology Department, which is supported by the most modern materials and technical equipment, thus ensuring safety and top-quality medical services before, during and after surgery.

The excellent organisation of the surgical department, combined with teamwork and extensive specialisation with concern for our patients allow us to immediately and effectively deal with all surgical interventions performed in the Clinic, and to provide safe hospitalization to patients to ensure their quick return to their daily activities.