Egg – embryo donation

dorea The ovaries of some women do not produce eggs, for various reasons. The causes of ovarian failure may be the removal of ovaries during a previous operation, a congenital absence of ovaries, premature menopause, or even natural menopause.

All these women (recipients) may now have a child using the eggs of an anonymous donor, which can be fertilised with the sperm of the recipient’s partner and then transferred to the recipient. Naturally, it is necessary to administer hormones to all women with ovarian failure, in order to create an artificial cycle and the proper environment in the uterus to achieve implantation.

In the case of egg or embryo donation, the law requires that both donor and recipient remain anonymous. This practically means that the donor does not know who the recipient will be and the recipient does not know who the donor is, and the child to be born will not have any dependence on or relationship with the donor, but only with the recipient who will be its legal mother.