Ovarian Stimulation

oothikiki diegersi Ovarian stimulation requires the administration of drugs to every woman. The combination of the drugs, dosage and type of treatment are tailored to cover the needs of each couple. The production of more eggs increases the success rate of in vitro fertilisation and allows the cryopreservation of extra embryos, for future use if the current attempt fails, without having to administer drugs to the woman again.

Transvaginal ultrasound of the ovaries and/or hormonal blood tests help monitor the number and growth rate of follicles during therapy. This information determines the best time for egg collection.

The special reproductive medicine unit at the “GENESIS ATHENS” Clinic aims at the simplest possible cycle monitoring and minimal interference with the couple’s daily activities.

In the case of couples residing outside Athens, a part or all of the monitoring process of ovarian follicle growth may be conducted at their place of residence by their physician, in consultation with the staff of the special reproductive medicine unit at “GENESIS ATHENS”, and the couples come to Athens only for egg collection and embryo transfer. In such cases, and if they wish to, they may also stay overnight at the Clinic during the time between egg collection and embryo transfer.

However, a couple must realize that the beginning of a therapy does not ensure its completion until egg collection, as it may be cancelled for several reasons, such as the non-development of follicles or the woman’s poor response to medication, etc., which will be explained by the competent doctors at the Clinic.