Gynaecological department

The gynaecological department of the private Clinic “GENESIS ATHENS” aims to detect and effectively deal with the gynaecological problems of women, from adolescence and throughout their lives. Polycystic ovaries, amenorrhea, menstruation problems, endometriosis, fibroids are only some of these problems. However, as science has made spectacular progress, all these disorders can now be treated either with appropriate medication or by surgery. For this purpose, we have the best scientific staff assisted by high-quality equipment to provide integrated healthcare in the most reliable, effective and complete manner.

It is common knowledge that prevention is more important than treatment; thus, women around the world are advised to perform a pap smear every year. It is a painless examination that, as already known, can prevent or promptly diagnose (at an early stage) cervical cancer. Thanks to our high specialisation and excellent organization, the test results are promptly delivered and you can discuss them with your gynaecologist in a timely and reliable manner. Colposcopy is another examination performed to detect any pathological conditions in a woman’s outer cervix. It is a completely painless procedure, providing the necessary information on the therapy to be followed.

Gynaecological care is a top priority in our Clinic. Therefore, we ensure effective treatment of most gynaecological problems, either conservatively or with surgery and always with utmost respect for the value of our most precious gift, which is no other than health.