Hysteroscopy (hystera = womb) is the inspection of the uterine cavity.

It is a diagnostic and therapeutic procedure for infertile women.


ysteroskopisi Advanced biomedical technology (fibre optics, cameras, high-precision viewing equipment, microtools) allow the doctor to examine the size, morphology, and tissue structure of the uterine cavity and the cervical tube.

It is also possible to identify the presence of polyps, fibroids, cysts, diaphragms, adhesions, anatomical abnormalities in the womb and cervix, and to assess endometrial functionality through tissue image analysis. In addition, operative hysteroscopy can be used to treat and correct the problem without affecting the surrounding tissues. It is a minimally invasive therapy, which can safely, effectively and reliably correct the problem, with reduced complications compared to older techniques.

A patient who has undergone either diagnostic or operative hysteroscopy can usually return to her daily activities on the same day.